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Financial compensation may never reverse the abuse your elder has faced, but it can lighten the fiscal burden such abuse has caused. Contact a Dallas-Fort Worth elder abuse lawyer by calling us today. We are available 24/7 and are dedicated to helping our clients receive justice and compensation for their elder abuse cases.


Physical abuse: This type of elderly abuse involves the use of physical force that causes pain, injury, or impairment. Examples of physical abuse include hitting, slapping, pushing, and restraining an elderly person in Dallas.

Neglect: Neglect is the failure to provide adequate care for an elderly person in Dallas, leading to harm or risk of harm. Neglect can take many forms, such as failing to provide food, water, shelter, medical care, or necessary medications.

Emotional abuse: Emotional abuse is a form of abuse that causes emotional or psychological distress, pain, or injury to an elderly person in Dallas. Examples of emotional abuse include yelling, belittling, isolating, or manipulating an elderly person.

Financial abuse: Financial abuse is the illegal or unauthorized use of an elderly person's funds, assets, or property for personal gain or profit in Dallas. Financial abuse can include stealing money, forging signatures, or coercing an elderly person to sign documents that transfer ownership of assets.

Sexual abuse: Sexual abuse is any unwanted sexual activity or contact with an elderly person in Dallas. Sexual abuse can include rape, unwanted touching, or exposing an elderly person to sexual content.

Self-neglect: Self-neglect occurs when an elderly person in Dallas fails to meet their own basic needs, resulting in harm or risk of harm. Examples of self-neglect include refusing to eat, refusing to take medications, or refusing to seek medical attention.

Abandonment: Abandonment occurs when an elderly person in Dallas is left alone without adequate care, support, or resources. This can include leaving an elderly person at a hospital, nursing home, or other care facility in Dallas without proper arrangements for their ongoing care.

Signs Of Elder Abuse

There are many signs that may indicate that an older adult is being abused. These include bruises, cuts, or broken bones; sudden changes in mood or behavior; withdraw from favorite activities; fearfulness around certain individuals; and unexpected changes in finances. If you notice any of these signs, it's important to speak with your loved one as soon as possible to get more information.

Do you suspect your aging loved one may have experienced abuse or neglect in an elder-care facility?

Elderly persons who find themselves in the care of a nursing home facility are often no longer able to look out for their own safety and well-being and may be seen as vulnerable targets when living in a nursing home environment. If you suspect your elderly loved one may be experiencing neglect or abuse, don’t ignore your concerns.

If some aspects of the care provided by the nursing home’s staff or a sudden change in your family member’s behavior raise your suspicions, you should act without delay to protect your loved one from any physical and emotional mistreatment they may have been subjected to.

Hiring An Elder Abuse Attorney in Dallas, Texas

Oftentimes, simply reporting elder abuse is not enough in bringing the abuser to justice.

If the abuser(s) is a caregiver or are a group of several employees of a nursing home or care facility, the authorities will prosecute them to the full extent of the law for criminal offenses. However, if you chose to proceed with a civil lawsuit, you will need a lawyer.

Many times, elder abuse will result in a financial conundrum. If the abuse is physical, the elder will may require treatment, medication, and a hospital stay resulting in hefty medical bills. If the abuse is financial, the elder and his or her family may lose large amounts of money.

A Dallas- Fort Worth elder abuse attorney will help elder abuse victims with recovering compensation or other monetary arrangements to offset the financial damage that the abuse has wrought.

Elder victims and their loved ones could recoup compensatory and punitive damages as well as court costs and attorney’s fees in the case of nursing home abuse and neglect. A Dallas- Fort Worth elder abuse lawyer will be a crucial asset in helping to gather evidence and arguing your case in court should an elder have suffered from sores, malnutrition or weight loss, injury, or death at a care center.

In the event of financial abuse where the elder is pressured into a bad financial position, defrauded, or scammed, a Dallas-Fort Worth elder abuse attorney can help to file a civil complaint and recoup money and assets lost as a result of the abuse.

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